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A genearl prep list for Brides-to-be

Bridal Beauty ‘To-Do’ List

June 8, 2016 ,

*This post is titled “Bridal Beauty” but really, it could be a great prep list for anyone attending an important event (especially if it’s going to be photographed).*

Trial Run

-If you’re able to, book a trial run for your hair and makeup. This gives you time to consult with your makeup artist and hairstylist to design your wedding look and try it out. And hey, sometimes that supercute smokey eye you saw on Pinterest actually doesn’t end up being what you wanted now that you tried it out and that’s ok! That’s what the trial is for because girl, you are not going to want to worry about picking out colors on your wedding day.

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-Get yourself into a skincare routine. It’s never too late to start, but 2-3 months before your wedding is ideal. If you’ve ever been in a Sephora, you know the world of skincare can look super daunting with their hundreds of lotions and potions and gadgets for your face. To keep it simple, look for a moisturizer that works well for your skin type, an exfoliator and something to remove your makeup with like a cleanser or makeup wipes with the cleanser built in. If you want to branch out into more in-depth skincare, I think of serums like the an extra shot of espresso for your skin routine. Long story short: makeup sits better on well-cared for skin (and usually doesn’t need as much coverage!).

-If you have some heavy duty skincare concerns, consider seeing a dermatologist.

-Stop sleeping in your makeup. No really, it’s terrible for your skin. We all have those nights where we’re too lazy or stayed out too late but really, don’t make it a habit.

-Start exfoliating. Listen, I have sensitive skin and growing up, my only experience was with that St. Ives apricot scrub that was way too harsh for me personally. There’s so many different types out there now between facial scrubs (whether you need a heavy duty scrub or microbeads), exfoliating pads (they’re like cotton pads with skincare on them designed to exfoliate your skin) and tools like the Clarisonic that lightly scrub your skin while removing your makeup. I recommend once a week for sensitive skin and twice a week if you’re more normal. You can exfoliate more as long as you’re not irritating or drying out your skin. Smooth skin = smooth makeup application

-Get in the habit of drinking tons of water. It helps boost hydration and your skin will reflect it with a healthier glow.


-If you’re going to tan,  be careful. I had a bride who tried to fast track her tanning the week of her wedding and burned her face pretty badly. Not only was her skin much more red than normal, her skin was peeling like crazy so we had to deal with needing more coverage on textured, dry skin.

-Spray tans are amazing. As an avid anti-sun person, I’ve tried all kinds of faux tanning experiences to keep me out of the sun and tanning booths. My personal experience is this: the spray tanning boots can sometimes leave drips or streaks. You don’t realize they’re there until after they set in, no matter how well you think you do rubbing the tan in. I’ve also had someone spray tan me with an airbrush and that was my favorite… no streaks and natural. I recommend doing a ‘trial run’ of this one to see how dark you want to go. Like most spray tans, you need to let it sit on your skin without showering for 12-24 hours and it’s going to look crazy dark before you rinse it off the first time. My personal experience led me to feel it looked the most natural after the second shower, but consult with the salon.

-Don’t go straight from the tanning booth to your trial run. This goes for picking out any makeup really. Your skin is so out of whack post-tanning bed, it’s incredibly hard to color match and often the skin is a lot more dry. On that note, MOISTURIZE!

The Week Of

-Brows/lip/facial waxing should take place. Consult with the salon for their recommendation, but I personally would not wax any closer than 3 or 4 days before the wedding incase you have a reaction

-If you get any breakouts, DO NOT PICK THEM! It’s far easier to cover up color than texture. My trainer once compared the look of a covered up healing pimple to a cakey cornflake on your face. No one wants that.

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The Day Of

-If there is one thing I can stress about the day of is make time to relax while you’re getting dolled up. Weddings are on a tight schedule, constant interruptions push that schedule back. I’ve witnessed some totally amazing maids of honor handling the responsibilities for an hour while the bride gets ready. This should be your time to relax, breathe, have a mimosa…or two.

-You don’t need to have your makeup done first… but don’t be last. There’s a reason bridal makeup takes longer and it’s because we are taking extra time to make sure you are absolutely perfect, so you can be picky on the eye liner and ask to make something darker or brighter. Every time the bride is last, her experience feels rushed (and it often is). Remember it’s your day and your face is the one getting all the close-ups. Any artist that’s worth a damn is going to use products that have major staying power, no matter what time you start.

-Carry touch-ups for face and lips. If it’s summer or you tend to get oily/shiny, a powder to touch up and take down shine is essential.  Blotting papers are also fantastic if you’d rather not use more makeup. Lips fade out during the day between the kissing, talking and eating. Carry a lipstick or gloss (and liner if you’re comfortable) for touch-ups.

Every client has different needs which I am able to personally address during the consultation process. I hope this list has been helpful as a general source of pre-wedding prep! For further questions and booking inquiries, email me at: jilliandawson18@gmail.com


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