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Photo Shoot with Nic Charles Photography

‘I Do’ love a good bridal shoot…

February 24, 2016 ,
Photo Courtsey of Jenna Lynn Photography
Bridal Shoot with Nic Charles Photography

Turns out if you ask if anyone is interested in shooting photos in their wedding dresses, you get about twenty responses. I collaborated with Nic Charles Photography on a bridal shoot at Ambassador, downtown Appleton to showcase my makeup, his photo skills and the beauty of a handful of babes in their wedding gowns.


A struggle I have as a makeup artist is keeping up with the wedding photos from all of my brides. As a photographer friend pointed out to me, typical ‘wedding shots’ aren’t aiming to showcase the makeup and quite often many of the shots aren’t close-ups. Weddings are ridiculously hectic and it’s rare for me to snap a photo of the entire look (the makeup with finished hair and the dress). Usually the photos I can grab myself are brides pre-wedding hair or still in their pajamas before changing into their gowns. This shoot was the perfect way to see it all come together and for Nic to shoot some fantastic models. I know I say this after every shoot but I cannot wait to see the final images!



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