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Baby Bump Shoot!

Oh, baby!

February 15, 2016 ,
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Photo shoots are one of my absolute favorite things to work on as a makeup artist! Jenna (from Jenna Lynn Photography) and I have been doing that whole thing where we say we’re going to collaborate like “Yes! This shoot would be amazing… let me know!” and then we never follow through. Artists, right? Finally we decided to book a date as we were discussing a new shoot so it wouldn’t slip away from us and collaborated on a fantastically fun (and slightly cold) maternity shoot with my best friend, Christie.

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Getting ready for a shoot is a lot of work on all sides… outfit selection and accessories for the model, makeup design and execution from the makeup artist and location scouting, photos and editing from the photographer. Today was a breeze though! Christie’s got her hands full with a toddler (plus one on the way) so it was a special treat for us to spend the day together, sipping coffee in her house and helping Jenna’s vision come together. Christie is also a makeup artist. I love doing makeup on anyone but it’s a fun experience to work on a fellow artist and have genuine input from them.

Oh, and the best part? I got to hang out with her 3 year old:)

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A little sassy but a lot of fun! He laughed every time the camera flashed which kept Christie’s smiles 100% genuine.

This was my first time working with Jenna and I was impressed with how quickly the shoot went and what a great eye she had for posing her model. She had sent me over a few photos that inspired her outdoor shoot and I cannot even wait to see how these turned out! You can check her out at http://www.jennalynn-photography.com/.

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